Justin Slawnyk’s Court of Honor is this Sunday, March 8th at 2pm at the Utica Auditorium. We will have the boys meet at 1:30pm.

The boy scout pancake feed will be Sunday, April 5th. The boys will meet to set up at 7:30am.

The Pack Cross-Over ceremony will be on Sunday, April 26th around 2:30 at the Utica Auditorium.

Summer camp will be at Camp Cornhusker. The current week we are looking at is June 14th through June 20th. Please check your calendars to see if your scout(s) can make it that week.

There will also be e a merit badge university in Grand Island at Stuhr museum, where they could earn up to 4 merit badges. It is Friday thru Sunday, July 24-26. If your scout(s) is interested in going please let Lynn know as we will want to register soon.