Eagle Court of Honor

Justin’s Eagle Court of Honor is tomorrow Sunday March 8th. Scout need to be there at 1:30pm. They will need to wear scare, slide, and sash. We will not have a meeting because of the event. See you there. 🙂

Upcoming Events

Justin Slawnyk’s Court of Honor is this Sunday, March 8th at 2pm at the Utica Auditorium. We will have the boys meet at 1:30pm. The boy scout pancake feed will be Sunday, April 5th. The boys will meet to set up at 7:30am. The Pack Cross-Over ceremony will be on...

Meeting Today

There will be a meeting today Sunday March 1. We will be setting a new date for the pancake feed so please be there and check your calendars. See you there. 🙂

No Meeting

There will not be a meeting tomorrow Sunday February 23. This is because of the basketball tournament in Seward. See you at the next meeting. 🙂