Litter Pick-up

The litter pickup is Saturday October 19th. We want everyone to be there at 9:30am. DON’T BE LATE. We will start as soon as we have a majority of the people unless we know about other things.

Meeting tonight

We are still having a meeting today Sunday October 6th at 5:00pm. Bring back the troop gear that you guys were supposed to clean. So see you there with the gear. 🙂

Justin’s Eagle Scout Project

Justin could use help painting crosses Sunday September 29 afternoon at 2pm at the Slawnyk shop at 4069 waverly road Utica, NE. Since it is at 2pm, we will have the troop meeting there. So we will have it after we help out. Next week’s meeting will be at 5pm on Sunday...

Camp out

We are taking down the tents at 1:00pm today. We thought it would be easier to let them dry in instead of having them in scout hall drying. So contact me if you need a ride. See you there. 🙂


Our Troop camp out is this weekend. We are planning to meet at Smith Creek after school tomorrow rather than at scout hall. Chris & Lynn plan to be there by 4 o’clock. Chris will be bringing the troop gear. We plan to return Sunday morning after we get everything...


The meeting today September 15 is at 5:00pm. Due to youth group. We will be getting ready for the camp out. We will be deciding the meals and who is cooking them. If you are not going on the camp out or meeting tonight please let me know at (402) – 803 –...

Court of Honor

Tomorrow Sunday September 8th st 5pm is the Court of Honor. Dunbar’s will bring snacks + drinks. Everyone else needs to have ideas for skits. Justin and Matthew need to have jokes. After the Court of Honor we will be holding patrol leader elections so when it is over...

Meeting today

Today the meeting will be at 6:30 as usual. Some of the troop gear is still missing so please bring it back. Please let me know if your not going to be at the meeting tonight. I need you guys to check your calendars for the potential Campout on Friday September 20...

Troop Meeting

Remember to bring your calendars so we can start planning a fall camp out and Court of Honor. So we have planning to do. See you there. 🙂